Why you need to get pregnancy ready

Most of us would never think to run a marathon, climb Mount Everest or swim the English Channel without rigorous preparation and training. Yet, most of us are willing to get pregnant without the necessary preparation work.

You are going to grow an entirely new human within your own body and then deliver it!

Take a moment to acknowledge the enormity of that task.

I have spent the last decade working with postpartum women where I have described the state of their bodies as “jumping out of a plane where the parachute failed to deploy”.

Soft tissue and joints that were affected by load and hormonal fluctuations, incontinence, depression, anxiety, pelvic floor prolapse, diastase recti, haemorrhoids, C-section recovery are the most common issues I assist with postpartum.

While a myriad of different complications can occur during pregnancy, I couldn’t help but constantly wonder why are we not preparing for pregnancy? Why are we not training and supporting the soft tissue and systems to grow another human? Why are we not taking the time to educate women about their bodies and pregnancy? That you need the optimal body composition for you? That meant you may have to put on a little more weight for fertility, while your sister may not.

So, we created Haumea Health.

To help you get ready for pregnancy.

Pregnancy is just the starting line it is vital for mom to hit the ground running once the baby arrives. We do this through creating healthy lymphatic flow. Flexible and strong fascia. Confidence in the kitchen to create wholesome delicious meals. Creation of supple soft tissue. Balanced hormones. Understanding how to get whole nutrition through delicious food. Pelvic floor functionality.

The top three crazy things I see that I hope we mitigate:

  • Starting a workout routine when you get pregnant when you haven’t worked out before.
  • Losing weight pre-pregnancy because you think it mitigates post-natal weight gain.
  • Following a plan that was designed for someone else’s body.

I urge you to take the necessary time and effort to prepare for that starting line because my wish for you is that when the baby arrives, you can bask in the wonderment (and fatigue) of motherhood with minimal physical discomfort. That this amazing journey of motherhood starts with the best and strongest foundation!

Fiona Gilbert