At Haumea Health, you will receive the following:

  • Weekly support for 6-months while your body is getting ready for fertility success
  • Comprehensive, customized, sustainable meal plans to optimize your nutritional intake and incorporate foods into your daily routine that boost fertility
    • Includes lifestyle approach to modify existing behaviors and habits
    • Includes shopping lists, sample menus, snack ideas, recipes
  • Evidence-based nutrition handouts
  • Fertility Cookbook
  • Bioenergy bracelet programed with frequencies to support fertility
  • One-on-one personal assessment and nutrition coaching including behavior modification techniques with the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Holistic personalized systemic repair and restoration plan based on intake questionnaire.  Includes bioenergy therapy for the creation of an environment for fertility
  • We successfully work with clients both in-person and virtually. We have complete virtual plans for clients all over the nation.

In Addition

the journey to get pregnant isn’t over once you get pregnant. At Haumea Health, we want to make sure you have a smooth pregnancy and delivery along with a speedy recovery postpartum.

Women who undergo fertility treatments have a higher risk of suffering from postpartum depression. We are focused on aligning your hormones so that after you deliver your baby, you have a reduced risk of experiencing postpartum depression by incorporating the lifestyle tools we provide to you during our 6-month program.

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